[Bug] Some int types editable, some not

Hi. I’ve got some UPROPERTY() definitions in my custom gamestate actor and I’m trying to edit them in the details tab during PIE. Some datatypes appear editable, but some not? Why? The UPROPERTY()s are identical for each var. They are have a Category and the EditInstanceOnly and Replicated specifiers. I change the datatype to something I know works and it wroks, change it back to the original one and they are greyed out.

Work: float, int8, int32, FString

Don’t work: uint8, uint16, uint32, int16

It seems rather arbitrary for those not to be editable.

That how blueprint or UHT system reacts to unsupported data types not only those ints, when you use those on nodes you will see gray pins saying invalid type, it’s known bug don’t know why it’s not fixed yet use int32 or int8 for now