[BUG] Some bugs on 4.8 branch

Hello Epic-Team

Bugs on branch 4.8:

My System:

- Ubuntu 14.04.02 LTS 64-bit
- Nvidia 750Ti 2GB, Driver: 349.16
- 16GB Ram

3D Editor

- Folders can not be deleted in the content browser (reported already).
- F2 (renaming) and delete does not work in the content browser (maybe known already).

BP Editor

	The following component closes the content of detail window/page after modifying a value or hitting the compile button: (Parent class: Pawn)
		- AIPerception
		- Blackboard 
		- PawnNoiseEmitter
		- Pawnsensing
		- AbilitySystem
		- ProjectileMovement
		- RotatingMovement
		- FloatingPawnMovement
		- InterpToMovement
		- NavModifier
		- NavigationInvoker
		- PhysicsHandle
		- ApplicationLifeCycle
		- PlatformEvents

	The following component causes crash editing values. Check for example 'Pause on Impact'
		- InterpToMovement

Small vid doing (Delete Folder, Show FloatingPawnMovement and InterpToMovement bug)


Hello Yaakuro,

I was able to reproduce the issues described above I have written up two reports for these issues. I have submitted them to the developers for further consideration. I will provide updates with any pertinent information as it becomes available. Thank you for your information and time.

  1. UE-14772- For the issues involving the details panel
  2. UE-14774 - For the crash

Make it a great day

Hi Rudy

I was testing the master branch and I figured out that the bugs for

##3D Editor
Got fixed which is awesome.

##BP Editor

  • InterpToMovement crash got fixed which is cool to :smiley:

But the bug with the components I mentioned above closing the detail panel every time I compile or do other things are still present. This bug is really ‘annoying’ and consumes time in development. I have to move the pointer always back and click at the component every time i test a new value.
Is there any development? If not please can you put this to a higher position in priority queue to get rid of this issue.

Hello Yaakuro,

I went ahead a double checked on this issue for you. You are correct in that the status has not been updated to fixed. I went ahead and bumped up the community interest for this issue. Thank you for your time and information.

Make it a great day

I’m having the same problem in 4.23