[BUG]:Small visual glitch with thumbnails

Really a minor bug, but when in material editor (possibly other places too) you click on a “Browse to Asset in Content Browser” button next to a texture slot in a node, it will reveal the texture in asset browser, but based on different levels of Thumbnail scale, the texture asset is usually partially hidden (see attachment).

Seems like how much is the thumbnail hidden depends on it’s position in the list, so some different thumbnail may be hidden a bit differently under different thumbnail zoom.

Steps to reproduce:

1.) open a scene where a bit more textures are used, for example the Blue Print Example Project

2.) open some material which is using texture, select the texture node

3.) click on the “Browse to Asset in Content Browser” button (loupe) next to the texture slot

4.) check how it is displayed in the “Asset Browser”

5.) change the level of scale of the thumbnails in “Asset Browser” and scroll away so that the texture is hidden completely

6.) go back to the material editor and click on the same “loupe” button

7.) now check the “Asset Browser”, the same thumbnail should be now displayed differently, possibly the whole thumbnail is visible, but most probably is hidden more or less then in step 4.)

8.) repeat for different thumbnail scales

Hi Tomas,

I do experience this issue in Rocket Beta 4, but I have been unable to reproduce it in our latest internal build. I believe that this behavior has been corrected, and should not be expected to be an issue in future releases.