Bug: skylight doesn't render correctly on Mac

after working in Windows for a bit and adding a skylight that renders fine, I loaded up my scene in OS X and skylight creates a really crazy overbrightness. I tried it with a new scene and it was also a problem. See attached screenshot in OS X.

Mac Pro 2013 FirePro D700 OS X 10.9.2

I’m also seeing this bug. I worked around it by using ambient cubemap in postprocess settings. For my large outdoor scene it actually looks exactly same as skylight is supposed to (assuming a matching cubemap), but with ambient cubemaps you lose precomputed shadows (so indoor sections won’t look right). Not a permanent workaround but it lets me continue my work for now.

I have same issue; it only occurs in a file that was created on windows. Even if I delete skylight and create a new one, problem persists. However, on a different map on same computer (in which I followed level building tutorial), if I add a skylight, it works fine.

Hey everyone,

I apologize for delay in response. Is this issue still occurring in 4.2.1? If so, please let us know so we can try to find cause. Thanks!

For me issue was resolved with 4.1