[Bug] Skeletal mesh locking materials after Reimport

Bug Report:

Build version: 1711197 (Beta 3)

Install Path: C:\UDK\\Rocket\


  • Win 7 x64
  • 16 GB of Ram
  • ATI HD4850 (Drivers 13.1)
  • UAC off

Description : If you re-import a skeletal mesh, its materials get locked and you can’t change them until you restart the editor.

Repro Steps : Import a skeletal mesh, assign it a material in the Persona window, save the folder. Right-click on the skeletal mesh, chose “Reimport”. Open its Persona, try to change its material by a new one.

Expected : Being able to assign an other material without having to restart the editor.

Screenshot : -None-

After some investigations, it looks like the materials are correctly applied (they appears after a restart of the editor without changing anything). It looks like the rendering of the Persona stop refreshing (both in the 3D View and in the properties window).

However, this bug affects every skeletal mesh Persona. I guess the skeletal meshes are fine and it’s just a bug inside the rendering of the Persona window.

Hi Fabrice,

I was able to apply a new material after reimporting by using the Pick Asset button ( the 3x3 grid icon). Using the arrow to apply materials does not always work properly. This is a known issue and being looked into. Please let me know if this workaround also works for you.

Thank you,


This workaround is working for me, thank you.