[BUG] Shooter Game "Shooter Team Spawn" doesn't work

I’m working on a single player versus A.I. game mode based on the Shooter Game project. I’ve set up a system that spawns bots based on the player’s location every few seconds, but for some reason, after I kill a bot it respawns at the PlayerStart Location even though I’ve set the game mode to Team Deathmatch which should mean the bots are on the “red” team and I’m on blue but apparently this doesn’t matter.

My next thought was to remove the Player Start actor and use the the “ShooterTeamSpawn” actor but the “SpawnTeam” and “Not For Bots” flags don’t work so there’s no way to prevent the bots from respawning on the Blue Team’s spawn locations. I thought an alternative workaround might be to delete the PlayerStart actor on event begin play, but this makes the AI stop working for some goofy reason. If there’s no spawn point, they just stand there and ignore you.


  • Could you provide some screenshots of your settings for your spawner actor?
  • Do you have any steps we can follow to reproduce this issue in a clean project?
  • Have you tried this is a newer engine version, such as 4.10?

Sure, don’t know why I didn’t include one before:

As for steps to reproduce, just try placing a Shooter Team Spawn actor, set the “Spawn Team” to 1 (I’m assuming this is red team) and check the “Not for Players” flag. Then place a second Shooter Team Spawn actor in a unique location and set the Spawn Team to 0 and check the Not For Bots flag. Neither option seems to have any affect as both the player and the bots will use either spawn point even when you’ve set the game mode to Team Deathmatch in the world properties.

For the second issue, add some bots to the level, with a nav mesh volume and a player start and hit Play. They navigate the scene without issue but take note, if you kill any of them they will respawn on your player start location.

Now open the level blueprint and on EventBeginPlay grab a reference to the Player Start and with a delay of 0.5, delete it. If you hit play, the bots won’t move after the Player Start actor is deleted.

I actually went back to 4.8 because 4.10 was having some major instability issues on my system and crashing constantly. I was waiting till 4.11 to try it again.

After looking at my setup again, I’m trying to remember exactly what I was trying to do with that destroy actor node when the bot’s “is dying” condition is met. I played around a bit more and can’t seem to re-create the bot’s AI not working after deleting the player start on begin play but I did notice that if you remove the player start, the bots repawn at the world origin (0,0,0) even when there aren’t any respawn points which is also strange.

The flags on the Shooter Team Spawn actor not working is still present as are the fact that the bots will spawn on any spawn actor AND even without one.

Thank you for providing the additional information. I’m not familiar with the Shooter Team Spawn actor, however. Where can I locate this actor in the project?

Thank you for your help. If you go to the Modes tab and hit the all classes link on the left and then type shooter in the search bar it will come up.


I have been able to reproduce your issue, and have entered a bug report (UE-27464). Thank you for your report, and for providing the additional information. I will provide updates on this issue as they become available.

Have a great day

Hello torquemod, have you fixed this problem?

No. I gave up long ago. Maybe Sean knows if this was addressed or not?

Ups, thanks.

It seems the ticket was closed out, but I’ll go ahead and leave a comment on it to reopen it for investigation by our developers. Here is the public link for it: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-27464)

I really need this to work because I teach an Unreal class and a lot of my students love to use the shooter game but the shooter team starts are still not working. Will it ever be fixed or no?

Thank you.

I really need this to work because I teach an Unreal class and a lot of my students love to use the shooter game but the shooter team starts are still not working. Will it ever be fixed or no?

Thank you.