[Bug] Setting Heighmap Resolution Landscape

I’m trying to import a 4k heightmap and all the options are 2k or un-square resolutions. Either this is a bug or by design. I don’t get why it wouldn’t have standard texture resolutions listed here. It would be nice if it was a bit more straight forward. I getting this when making a new landscape and importing a heightmap.


Hi, based on image, your import file size is 2K * 2K. Heightmap file is just raw format which doesn’t have resolution information, so Landscape editor guess width and height based on image file size.

Please check your heightmap file size. Thanks.

It should allow you to import a 4096 X 4096 that you exported from another software. What you export form your heightmap software is what you get in Unreal. The other settings in your posted photo are for different style/shape landscapes. Although they use a square algorithm to add up to your intended size of landscape.

I used world machine, I exported a 4k map but the highest 1:1 res it would let me have was 2k.