Bug? set relative location changes relative rotation as well

Hey DDemon,

It sounds like you’re running into an issue that I logged recently:

You can use that link to keep track of the status of the issue.

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I have updated my project from ver 4.11 to 4.16 and this thing just happens without a reason, I am making a first person game where the character has two skeleton meshes components that attached to his sockets of left and right hand when he picks up a weapon the skeleton mesh change to the weapons skeleton mesh and sets relative location to the component, now here is the problem for knows what reason when I set the relative position the rotation or resets or just changes for no reason, sometimes not always just sometimes. Thinking it through there should be something else but the problem that I don’t change the relative rotation of the same components(it happens to both of them) in anywhere at all when I remove the pin to the set relative location everything works fine…

Yep it is a bug, I was able to recreate the same thing in a First Person Shooter project while using a spring for the character mesh to make appear faster, but without the spring it still appears just takes more time. The annoying part in this bug that it’s forcing the rotation not just changes it. It doesn’t let you change it back until the component gets to the bugged changed rotation only then you can change it back, using a tick to change the rotation back creates flickering while using a change rotation just after the function does nothing.

Here is a First Shooter Project where I recreated the problem: Dropbox - MyProject2.zip - Simplify your life

Sadly this bug creates lots of problems for me I really wanted to upgrade to the newer version because of the new features but now I am thinking to return back to ver 11, if you find a walk around the bug please tell me.

Thank you very much, hope there will be a fix soon, I barely can work on animation when it flickering all the time.

Same here, took a lot of debugging to get down to the issue, kinda sad.

Found a way around for the relative location, but its kinda ehh and only works if the relative location is final and not changing, but at least you don’t need to fix the mesh location in other programs to fix it while going from one program to another again and again. You can add change the Import Translation(don’t know why it doesn’t called location) inside the mesh and reimport it with a right click of the mouse.