[BUG] Set PlayerController from GameMode

I’ve noticed that I can not change PlayerController class that uses my GameMode, for example from other Blueprints.

This was possible in “4.7.x”, but not now. Some reason that is not available?

Hi Helghast,

Thanks for letting us know about this! I was able to reproduce this in 4.8.0 as well as our internal build, so I’ve entered a bug report (UE-17012). I’ll let you know when I see any update on it, or if developers tell me this is now intentional. Thanks!

Can you give me some details on why you want to change this property? I deliberately marked classes as not Blueprint writeable (though oddly I seem to have missed HUD and Default Pawn which was an oversight) because it didn’t seem to make sense for these to be changed on fly. GameMode is really intended more of a definition that defines how rules of level and then players are spawned in and remain there, so I’m interested what design is that you would be dynamically changing these values.

For me it is useful when using a map that is a cutscene (as an introduction or an ending).
In this case I would not use PlayerController, Default Pawn and/or HUD.
I know I could use another logic like check map name and don’t execute Event BeginPlay and/or Event Tick. But I think that disabling PlayerController (Set to None) it is a quick and simple way.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thx.