[Bug] ServerTravel does not clear OptionString like Open does

The first time you call ServerTravel with a mapname and some options will load the map name with the options as expected. When making subsequent calls to ServerTravel with different options, the new options are appended to the old options. The old options are not removed. Example:

ServerTravel Level1?LoadFile=Save1
This willl load Level1 and the OptionString = ?LoadFile=Save1

Then you can call ServerTravel Level2?TestParm=MyTest
This will load Level2 and the OptionString = ?LoadFile=Save1?TestParm=MyTest

Note that the LoadFile parm is leftover from the first call to ServerTravel. Expected result is that parm would not be on the OptionString at all.

Note that this only happens in standalone or packaged builds. When running in PIE it works as expected. Also note that calling Open with parms does work as expected with old parms being removed. This only seems to affect ServerTravel.

Apparently this is related to the console command using TRAVEL_Relative. So becomes a question: How do I get the console command ServerTravel to use TRAVEL_Absolute?

So this is not a bug. Just me not understanding how things work. Sorry guys. If anyone is interested in how to use TRAVEL_Absolute and still carry over your clients… The trick is to re-add the ?listen parm. Then you can happily wipe out all the others and your clients will still follow you.