[BUG] Sequencer Rotation Is Broken

For some reason sequencer doesn’t allow me to rotate an axis past 90 degrees anymore. It works fine in 4.16.

Steps to reproduce:
Make a fresh 4.17 project on any machine. Add a mesh to sequencer. Rotate past 90 or so in the transformation options. It won’t go…

The way rotation used to work was, for example, if I had a wheel on a car I could rotate it on an axis 360 and it would do a full loop revolution like you would expect. I could put 1080 or a million degrees in x,y, or z and it would rotate that number of revolutions. Now the number snaps to some weird limit - 90 in the case of Y. 140 for X. This did not happen with any sequencer capable engine build prior to 4.17.

Any thoughts?


I was able to reproduce this issue and it looks like there is already a very similar bug that has been logged for this. The ticket mentions that the targeted fix is 4.19. As for the repro steps on the bug linked, they are a little different, but the result sounds like the same issue. You can view this by going here. Let me know if this helps.

-Thank you

Thank you. Its similar in that they are both rotation bugs but my issue only broke with 4.17. The other says it’s been a problem since 4.9.

Rotation is basically impossible with sequencer with this bug unless you aren’t doing complete rotations.

It looks like it may have been/is an issue in some other engine versions as well. The link I posted above will let you track it and keep updated on when the fix is implemented. If you have any other questions regarding this thread, or if upon release of the listed engine version(4.19) and the status of the bug has been changed to fixed, but you are facing the same issue feel free to reopen this thread and I will get back to you.

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Put together a little demo video.

​​​​​​​It’s also broken in 4.18.  Worked fine prior to 4.17.


Thank you for the video, it appears to be the same as what I was able to reproduce. The bug has been logged and is a known issue and appears to currently have a target fix. The link to the public tracker above will allow you track the progress and any updates.

-Thank you