Bug: Saddle platform structures weight not calculated in overall dino weight

Hi all,

I’m trying to mod the Quetz to be just a tiny bit more realistic… and not have them flying around carry 5 stories of solid metal on their backs!

From my testing, the platform saddle completely ignores the weight of structures placed on it.
For example, I increased the weight of a stone foundation to 1000… and the Quetz has no weight change. I’ve also tried tweaking Item Stat Infos for stone foundations, playing around with Used/Calculate As Percent/Intial Value Constant.

My conclusion is that at a code level, the game does not calculate platform structures as part of the dino total weight.

If anyway comes up with a workaround please advise… otherwise I think we need to treat this as a bug.

Its setup to only read structure amount allowed, not weight, reduce the structure amount allowed on the platform to help achieve your goal.

I have no idea what ya talking about-- I barely put 2 turrets on mine and the **** thing was over weight.

M1k3… my goal is to not have a bird flying around carrying a hundred tonnes of metal fortress on its back :slight_smile: The workaround I have is to limit the height and distance that can be built… constrain the amount of big structural blocks possible. However, the ideal solution is that a wood and metal foundation shouldn’t both weigh 4.0… and while you can change that, the platform saddle doesn’t consider structures as part of it’s weight.

CFrankie… when you say you put turrets on it… you mean “inside” its inventory… or placed on its saddle platform? Anyway, I’ll see if turrets are calculated when placed as a structure on the saddle platform (I’d be surprised if it does).

I put a balista on my quetz and noticed its weight skyrocketed… I put other things on the quetz and it didn’t effect it. Oddly.

On the Saddle. I use the dino as a mobile death machine for clearing dinos in an area and protection while I collect things. :smiley:

Had to level it up nearly 10 times before it could even walk with the weight of the generator to power them. :smiley: