[BUG] Retrieving Blendables Array from PP Volume then reassigning it to itself = crash + General PP volume BP issues

I am trying to modify PP settings through BP. I made a new structure with all the PP settings and am trying to make the engine set that on a specified volume. However first of all the editor refuses to compile the BP if I don’t have a Blendables specified (maybe I don’t want any?), and secondly the editor crashes the moment I try to input the Blendables Array that I received from Get Settings from that very same PP volume (possibly because the PP volume has no blendables thus it is also empty).

The whole PP volume modification thing through BP is still terrible to use right now but is of very high importance to what we have in production. The Set/Get Settings block is huge, clips away out of view when I try to look at it, and besides that it crashes it also seems like, even if it were to work, it would reset every single setting on my volume? Because if I would be able to do Set Settings, then it would also set every single other setting in that list to my volume, rather than just the one I would like to change I take?

Can you not simply make a long list of individual Get and Set property X, Y, Z etc. One per each setting in Post Processing?

Thank you very much for your feedback, it confirms what we already thought. We are having ongoing discussions here about how best to handle something like PostProcess settings. Very sorry this is causing you a headache at the moment, but we will certainly improve it in future!

To anyone who is having similar problems with PP settings, there is a simple workaround.

In your blueprint create a function SetFloatByRef and make swomething like this:

  • Create block “Set float by ref” and connect it into the function start block(the purple one).
  • Select start block, add two float Inputs and mark the first one as “Pass-by-reference”
  • Connect inputs like in the picture(note that by-ref values have diamond shape, instead of circle)
  • Drop your function onto graph, connect its first float input to parameter in post process you wish to set
  • Connect second float input to your new value

That way you don’t have to create own PP settings. This will also work with other types like Colors and Vectors.