Bug report: wonky menus in 4.7 p7

When I hover the menus above the scene preview / viewport the submenu appears way out of place. Mac OSX Yosemite.

To reproduce, open the editor on a smaller screen (retina 15"), and then move it to a larger 25" traditional resolution, menus are OK in original screen where application opens, but are out of place on the new screen where the editor has been moved.

Also, when opening the editor on the large screen, the menus are still off if the 15 retina display is also present. Or the perhaps the launcher started on the smaller display and then a combination of moving the project list window to the larger screen in order to try to fix the menu issue still didn’t fix it. (I have not tried every possible combination, for example I have tried closing my smaller screen and only having the large screen open to prevent this issue).

Hi vbs,

I’ve reported this as a bug recorded as JIRA [UE-9848]. If this issue is resolved an update will be added to this post.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention and helping to improve the engine.

Hi, I see this bug is still happening on the 4.7.1 release, is there an estimated timeframe for when it will be resolved? I would like to be able to use my laptop monitor and external monitor at the same time…

Hi vbs,

This is still being looked at. Normally, we would update the post when we heard something back from the developers regarding the submitted bug report. I’ve reached out to see if any testing has been done and will let you know when I get a response.


This has been reported fixed for a future release of the engine.