Bug report??? (unsure)


This link has reference

I have an extremely similar issue. I have the same graphics card - NVidia GT630M. I have updated to the latest drivers (378.92). I’m running Unreal 4.14 on an i7 Toshiba with 8Gb Ram and about 400Gb free harddrive space. I have tried several of the suggestions in the post that I’ve linked above, without success.

It seems to consistently happen when I try to edit materials in one project I’ve been working on. (or maybe the project is just at a stage that I need to edit materials). It must be noted that I imported meshes that have FAR TOO many faces/ vertices / triangles. Not sure if that’s relevant but I’ve started going through a mesh simplification process and hence haven’t opened this project for a while. Don’t seem to have this crash scenario in new files but then again I may only open UnReal once a week so I’m not currently a big user.

Sorry not to technically savvy to find crash logs etc.