[Bug Report] UMG Visibility binding stops working after reopening project

Can be reproduced in blank project (4.17.1 Launcher version).

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open blank project no starter content.
  2. Create a simple widgets, one simple text box should do.
  3. Bind that text box’s visibility to a boolean that will: true > visible, false > collapsed.
  4. (optional) make a small loop that will switch the bools value every few seconds and print debug output so you can notice it change.
  5. Create and add widgets to viewport (level blueprint)
  6. Save everything and Play in Editor → should work fine at this point!
  7. Close the editor and reopen the project
  8. Reopen the level and watch your boolean toggle while the text box’s visibility always stays visible.


No one else noticing this?

Hey Jake1337,

Thank you for the report. I was able to reproduce this issue and I have logged JIRA UE-49135 .

Our developers will be investigating the issue further. Please follow that link to monitor the status of the report.

Thank you.