Bug Report - Level Visibility tracks reset on sequence completion

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After testing the same thing with location animation, and event tracks, it appears that my bug is now isolated to the level visibility track. I’m fairly sure this wasn’t the case in 4.12, but since it’s working for 4.13 I don’t see the need to test.

Reproducing the bug:

1 Create a FirstPerson example project.

2 Duplicate the example map, and open the duplicate.

3 Delete all the blocks in the map so that it looks different from the first map and save.

4 Create a new map in the content browser that’s totally empty, and open it. (Because level visibilty doesn’t work on PersistentLevel)

5 Open the levels window, and add the both example levels as sub-levels. Make sure they are set to load on blueprint

6 Turn off the visibility on the second sublevel.

7 Create a level sequence, add it to the level, and open it up.

8 Add a level visibility track. Create 2 hidden visibility triggers, and a second visible visibility trigger.

9 Arrange them like so:

10 Set the appropriate List item on each trigger, so that FirstPersonExampleMap2 starts hidden, and ends shown, and FirstPersonExampleMap starts shown and ends hidden.

11 Add the following nodes to the level bluprint:

12 Now hit play and you should see the FirstPersonExampleMap, then 2sec delay, then the sequence starts, then after 5 seconds or so the level visibility will switch, and all the blocks will disappear. Then when the sequence reaches the end it will switch back.

All these steps are a little complex, so here’s my test project:


Hey CognitionTom,

This appears to be fixed with some of the major fixes made in 4.15.

Thanks for reporting it though!!

No fix in 4.15. problem continues (for me here)…

Hi Dragonavenger,

Is this with the project that CognitionTom uploaded or your own project? Can you please expand on the issues you’re seeing?