BUG REPORT: InputAction Press/Release too quickly

If you press and release a key too quickly (like a really, really quick tap; I think both the Press and Release commands must be triggered in the same frame?) the Release event doesn’t seem to fire.

Using 4.7 Preview 6.

Hi RhythmScript,

Have you tried this on Preview 8? Additionally, what is the setup you are using for your press/release? I attempted this on my end but even when I got the press/release in the same frame both appeared without any errors.

Well, my setup is pressing Shift to dodge; doing so performs a bit of complex functionality (like 2 dozen nodes), amonf which is the setting of a Bool variable, “holding for dash” (basically, we check if you are still holding dodge when you land to see if you will then continue into a dash)

Releasing the key does far FEWER operations, including UNsetting “holding for dash”.

What I have experienced is that if I tap-release the dodge key EXTREMELY quickly, I can reliably get the character to dash automatically even though the key is no longer held down.

I will check in Preview 8 to see if this persists; if it does, I’ll also do a Printf check to make sure that the problem is the ORDER of the events rather than the Release action being skipped entirely.

Sorry, this one was on my end. Basically I check to see if the user is pressing an arrow key when he hits shift, and as an edge-case handler I had special logic which checked if he pressed the arrow key just an instant AFTER pressing shift. This special case checker was feeding back into the original dodge logic too soon and would re-set te “is pressig dodge” bool, causing this problem to arise if the player pressed dodge, then released dodge, and then pressed an arrow key in a quick enough span of time in that order.