[BUG Report] Anwerhub redirects on any request if logged in

Hello, I know wrong place, but I can’t post on the UE4 Answerhub and I don’t know where to place this post, so I’ll give this bug report as feedback, sorry :p.

I’ve a problem to use the Answerhub. Im always logged in (Answerhub). Every time I click on a link (it doesn’t matter if I’m coming from google or whatever). I got a login redirect to…rized?code=xxx and after that I got to the requested page.
This behavior will destroy my browser history and also my browsers back button functionality. Which will destroy the usability and the efficiency.

These annoying redirects, makes it hard for me to surf on the answerhub. Even Posting with these kind of redirect is not working well for me (answerhub says try again, I’m an Attacker… I’m not).

The answerhub does a login redirect on any link I click. This a bug or bad implemented.

Workaround for me: Stay Logged out. Don’t Post!