[Bug report 4.22 ] Custom event from parent is duplicated in child

I created an anwerhub post on the subject .

I currently have a bug with the customs event created in a parent class.

I am under version 4.22 ;

1- I create a blueprint class ( Vr_Interact_Class) in which I create a custom event with the call in editor option to be able to use it in the children of this class ( what was possible under 4.20)
2 - I create a child BP class of ( Vr_Interact_Class), I look for the custom event created in the parent class to execute a specific code after the code in the parent .

Bug :

  • In the actor child of ( VR_interact_Class), I have the custom event from the duplicate parent, one for the parent code and one for the child code.
  • The call communication of the event does not work for the child.

This makes it impossible to use generic events by creating a common parent class.

After some additional testing the calling works, an option is missing to avoid doubling the “call in editor” in the actor.

Hey @CyberAlien - Would you mind submitting this via our submission form?

This is done, do you have a link on the unreal web site for bug reports?