BUG? Rep Notify Not Working on Arrays (Blueprint)

I’m using UE 4.7.2.

I want to have an array of items for my character.

If i use a variable with rep notify, works perfectly.

If i use an array with rep notify, it doesn’t work.

When i set array element with “Set Array Element”. Neither server nor client executed function On Rep.

When i set array element with “ADD”, value replicates correctly, but function On Rep only was executed on client.

Is that a bug?

Note: I’m using print to know when on rep function executes.


Using ADD, values are correctly replicated, but on rep function only runs on client.

Hi CarlosBC,

I’m seeing some different behavior on my end in 4.7.2. There’s a known issue with OnRep functions not firing on Clients, reported here, so I’m not sure how you’re getting that to work at all. When I tried using Add, it didn’t fire on either Client or Server, but I think that’s because it’s expecting a change to an existing value in array, and not an addition to array. I’ll have to check with developers on that.

But you’re seeing some different behavior. Did you upgrade this project from an earlier engine version? Are you able to reproduce this in a new project, or only your current project?

I’ve made a new project starting from first person template and i’ve got same behavior.

Can you upload that test project somewhere and give me a download link? I’d like to compare to what we have here. Thanks!

i’ve uploaded a project so you can test it.
link text

Hi CarlosBC,

I was able to reproduce this in your project, and I’ve entered a bug with a copy of your project for reference (UE-12029). I’ll let you know when I see an update on it. Thanks for report and test project!

Hi ,

I’m wondering if this is same issue. I’ve managed to make my array replicate by using array ‘set w/notify’ (it was meant to be a workaround), but ‘OnRep’ function is only triggering for server.

replicating variables are housed in an Blueprint ActorComponent, so it’s similar to other one you had posted, but instead of variables not replicating at all, non-array variables are calling OnRep for both client and server, while array is only calling OnRep for server.

It seems like same problem, but I wanted to be sure before throwing my hands up and giving in to an engine bug. Thanks in advance!

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Are you running Setter after a Switch Has Authority node? If so, it’s definitely same bug as mentioned in other thread (UE-11876).

Ah ok, yea I have an authority check just before this. Thank you for confirmation :slight_smile:

Has there been any progress on this issue lately?

No problem =)

I haven’t seen any progress on this bug report yet, but I know Network Team is making a push for a lot of networking bugs to be fixed for next version (4.8), and I expect this to be one of them.

Still running into this problem in 4.8.2 - so I’m assuming it hasn’t been fixed yet…

No. Still same in 4.8.2.

I solved this by moving replicated variable to GameState and out of PlayerState. It should not have mattered but it did.


Rep Notify for arrays does not trigger for “add” on server but trigger for clients, also does not trigger for “add” on standalone.

Works Perfectly for “Set w/ Notify”.

still not working as it sounds like it should (4.14.1)

i call from a widget a event located in player controller. that event is set to run “on server”.

its adding to a struct array that is set to rep notify. notify function doesnt work correctly and will not be called on server. (not easy to debug so sorry for not perfect information)

So heres a workaround:

instead of [ARRAY]-[ADDTOARRAY] you copy your whole array into a array of same type.
set it to replicate, use add on it, and then SET your ARRAY to your tmp array.


now on set array - rep notify will be called, and since add works fine on server (just not rep function) this works in end

its wierd that this is not being discovered and fixed really quick as it seems to be a low level problem that is great to unit test

Hey everyone,

There is currently a ticket in for Array OnRep Notifications Not Running on Server, which you can track using link below:

Have a great day

I am experiencing same problem in my main project. But is working fine when i create a new project. This is example.

Just simple way out.

After all manipulation just you need set Myarray from MyArray / Set from self and this working !

Just simple way out.

After all manipulation just you need set Myarray from MyArray / Set from self and this working !