[Bug?] Reopened Project isn't the same as the compiled one and some other bugs


i don’t know if this is a bug, but if i open my project from the launcher, i get a half broken version. My Blueprints have no classes (custom) and some other missing things. I need to open Visual Basic from the Edit Window and close the Editor. Now i compile the project in Debug Mode and its working fine.

So the fresh opened Version of the game differs from the one i have when i use DebugGameEditor in Visual Basic.

Is there a way to get them both synced?

And i also have old files in my content folders, like deleted or moved Blueprints. Sometimes i can’t create a new one, because the exist one with the same name that isn’t listed in the content browser of the game. It feels like the Editor is totaly async.

I mean, i can run my game fine in the Editor Window and it doesn’t bother me at all, but it feels like this is bugged.

Editor version is still 4.3 from the Launcher.

Hello, eXi.

Do you have this problem with other projects? If you create a new project, can you reproduce this issue? If you can find out how to make this bug happen again, we can narrow it down and properly report it.

Any more information you can give us, such as the suggestions in this thread, would be very helpful.

Hey, i can try to recreate it, but its 21:12 in germany right now, so you have to wait till tomorrow. (:
For the time waiting, i have a c++ Project and if i open the project from my Launcher its a bit “broken” like its missing the files that i added and changed with the coded version.
To fix this i just open visual Studio from the editor. Close the editor and compile with editor debug. Than its working. It could be that this is normal, but deleted Blueprints in this debug version arent always recognized and remain in the folders (although i cant see them in the in editor).
I thought if i compile my game, the files and so on are saved so i could use the last compiled version of my game if i just start it from the launcher (without recompiling it again)

Interesting! Thanks for your help so far - feel free to get some rest, we can work on this tomorrow.

Hey Jonathan,

i’m sorry i didn’t find the time to recreate it today. University doesnt sleep >.<
I won’t forget it, just leave it open. As soon as i find time, i will test it and response!

Understood. Will do!

– look at the answer. Text got too long for a comment :X –

Hey Jonathan,

i was able to recreate it i guess. It’s some kind of mistake on my side, but maybe you could fix this by starting c++ projects always in Visual Studio if you reopen it.
So what i’ve done:

  • Created a new project with “Basic Code c++” and the standard content.
  • Now VS opens, i chose “Debug Game Editor” and compile the game.
  • Now the Editor opens and for testing purpose i created a new Code.
  • Name it what you want. Now i clicked on edit the code and VS opened a second time. I directly closed it and looked in my first VS that is still in Debug mode. There i could click on “Reload all” and the Editor was closed.
  • Despite the second VS its all ok for now.
  • Now i compiled the game again and created a Blueprint of that Code Class (this wont get broken).
  • I saved everything and stopped debugging.
  • Now i close everything and restart the Launcher (so that i can see the project in the Library).
  • NOW i reopen the Project from the Library. This opens the editor (not visual studio)
  • In this version of the editor (not in debug mode), i created a new Code for the project.
  • That again opens my VS and i compiled the game.
  • Now i have 2 copies of the editor open, one from the startup and one from compiling.
  • I close the first one (thats not in debug mode) and create a new BP from that NEW made class (not the first class).
  • I save everything and close the whole engine again.
  • Now i reopen the project (editor opens up again) and now its async.
  • If i try to open the last BP i made, it tells me the


After this, my blueprint has the parent class “none” and is broken.
If i now open up VS from within the editor and recompile the game, the BP is working again.

I guess if you reopen the Project and add code from this editor instead of the compiled debug editor, the project gets some kind of async.
I know this is a long text. I hope that you could change this by letting c++ project start VS when you reopen it instead of the editor.

Bump this Report!

No need to bump, eXi. I’ve been working on this issue since you gave us those repro steps. I’ve reported it internally, and we’ll assign someone to address it ASAP.

Thanks for the report.

Oh sorry, i just thought you could have missed it :frowning:

No worries! :slight_smile:

Hey (:

can i get an update?

I don’t have any update to give. It’s been entered into the system, and I don’t know when it will be fixed. I’ll let you know when it is fixed, at least!