[Bug] Relative Location Broken for Blueprint Inheriting from C++ Actor

Not sure if this has been logged yet, but the RelativeLocation property is broken for my C++ actor.
Is this a known issue?
The RelativeLocation is returning instead the WorldLocation for my Blueprint that inherits the mesh component from a C++ file.

Bug may be viewed by running the DemoMap in this project: GitHub - calben/UE4-VRInteractables: Interactable components in VR such as buttons, knobs, dials, and pulls. commit 09119820e109547b8f2fac79ad70119a586080df “relative location bug hit”

Surely there must be something I’m doing wrong, but I haven’t been able to find anything!

Hey calembendell-

The reason you’re seeing the world location is because the component is set to simulate physics. Once a component is set to simulate physics, it is treated as a separate actor from the parent so that its physics can be handled independently. Since it is no longer treated as part of the parent blueprint, it’s ‘parent’ is then the world, thus the location you’re getting. If you set the mesh to not simulate physics, then the code you’re using will give you the component’s relative location as you’re expecting.