Bug: Raw Input Plugin does nothing in packaged build

Inporting the Raw Input plugin enables new Input Axiis to be set up in the project settings which draw thier values from the new Generic USB Axiis. These values can be confirmed as working/changing when plugging in a USB input device but only while playing in the editor using either PIE or standalone modes.
Once the game is packaged/built however no more input comes through the generic usb axiis as the newly added Input Axiis stay stuck at zero always. No amount of restarting the game application seems to fix this.

Hey Mittens-

I was able to package a Vehicle Advanced template project and have my logitech wheel working with the Raw Input settings. This was done by having the wheel connected when the project was creaeted, which auto-populated the Raw Input settings on my end. Are you able to create a new project with your input device connected and then package that project? Can you provide details about the project you’re using to help me mirror your setup locally?

Here, I’ve made a fresh project which highlights exactly what’s wrong. I’ve hosted it here; https://1drv.ms/u/s!AghfoqPjNDBXjACcBwOW8kGPCMXs

If you run the project in editor, you will see USB inputs move the numbers in the display box, if you then close the editor and play the packaged build with the same device the numbers won’t change.

I’m wanting to implement the raw input plugin into my drone flight simulator.

It’s not feasable to have the input devices connected as I package or create the project since there are potentially hundreds of different hobby radio controllers out there and new ones being released regularly. I can’t anticipate which controller the end user will have which is why I need to usb input to come in as completely raw and generic so the axiis can all be bound and configured within the game’s menu/sinterface.

How are you setting up and packaging your game? I was able to reproduce the behavior you described, however when I packed the project you sent locally (Devlopment/Win64) the values do change when I provide input with the device. If you are changing your packaging settings, please let me know to help investigate the issue.

I’m building Devlopment/Win32 just by using the editor File>Package Project>Windows>Windows 32bit. Perhaps it only works when packaged as 64bit?

Hey Mittens-

It appears your thoughts are correct. Packaging a new project using 32-bit did reproduce the behavior for me. I have entered a report for the issue here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-42375) . You can track the report’s status as the issue is reviewed by our development staff. Please be aware that this issue may not be prioritized or fixed soon.


Is this going to be fixed some time soon? The issue tracker says fixed but still having this issue in 4.16.1!

Hey kkaranik-

I retested packaging a 4.16.1 Advanced Vehicle project (as mentioned in the repro steps of the report) and was able to control using the raw input device. If you are having an issue with raw input it may be best to create a new post as the issue that was reported here does appear to be fixed in 4.16.1.