[bug]Random landscape components not allowing clutter

I have a bug that’s been plaguing me for awhile.
The colored square is a landscape component.
-Seemingly random landscape components are not allowing any clutter whatsoever, while others work perfectly fine.
-In some cases the bug doesn’t infest the entire component but a smaller section, with whole landscape terrain polygons either bugged or not, but always cuts-off at the edge of the component unless a adjacent component that shares the same edge also has the bug.
-Bug appears in both the editor and game standalone.
-Clutter appears in wireframe render mode, but when you switch to lit or unlit the clutter will render for a fraction of a second then disappear.
-doesn’t seem to be linked with terrain layer count, but weirder things have happened.

So no one neither has or does not have this issue, I guess I’m all alone.
So lonely.
So lonely.

This happened to me when I had multiple landscapes in the same level, more specifically when I had one landscape above another. Another issue I had that caused something similar is when my landscape material was different than my landscape hole material it basically caused the clutter layers to not appear on any areas I had cut holes out of the landscape at.

Indeed, the multiple landscapes overlapping was the issue. I was using a landscape for the ocean floor (because my main landscape is rather small.)
Thanks for the info!