Bug: Random INT in Range favors lower range.


I have seen this mention around and not sure if it already noted as a BUG:

Random INT in range always favors lower number.

Here is one I I tested






I have run a program that picks a value from -0.1 to 0.1 and over and over it heads towards to 0


Hi Narghile,

I was unable to reproduce this on my end. From what I can tell, the random in range follows a standard distribution curve and does not favor any particular numbers or scale value.

Hi Adam

I can reproduce it over and over again.

Did a video on how I did it, if I am doing something wrong please tell me.

link text


Try creating an input event (I used 1) that prints a random float between -1 and 1. You should see a degree of variation though many of the numbers will actually be between .5 and -.5 overall because there are simply more values there, which means the probability of selection is significantly higher (as one would expect along a bell curve). Is this what you see when you try it?