[BUG] Project freez, after disabling Compilation Manager

Hi team,

I have a project where the compilation times of blueprints were like 1-2 minutes.
So I had disabled the “Use Compilation Manager” in the project settings, that has speeded up the BP compile time form 1 minute to 2 seconds.
However, the project seems to be now corrupted.

When running from editor, all works well. No errors nor warnings reported, game can be played whole to the end.

But when packaged, the game gets frozen every time one exact action is performed.
And since the action is part of main game mechanic, it is not possible to remove that action.

I had tried also 4.18. preview3 , and the issue still persits.
Also I had enabled logging (all) , there is not a trace of any issue within the log whatsoever.

The due release date is this month, and is is a big dizaster, if it wont be possible to resolve the issue.