[Bug] Print String

the Print String node has a boolean “Print To Screen”, check that first.

The string doesn’t come out on screen but it is present in the output log.
I search on the net about this bug and it still occurs on 4.15

Edit: Restarting the editor seemed to fix the bug.

It is already checked.

Hey there StillAlive039,

are you still experiencing this issue since you have restarted the editor?

I was just searching the same issue - I discovered it does print to screen but really tiny right up at the top edge of oculus (in my case) FOV - so you might want to check if that is what’s happening for you . Is there a way to change the font size/position to make it visible?

Not anymore, but before I experienced it I remember I toggled the gameplay debugger and after that the print string doesn’t work anymore

I didn’t notice if there is, although I’m not experiencing it anymore the time I restarted the Editor