[Bug] Placement of staticmeshes very difficult in some conditions

In the latest build, I have great difficulties placing staticmeshes, both through the content browser and the placement browser, when there are meshes with no collision in the level. This makes my work annoying.

In following scenario, I have a beach that is intersected by a water plane. The water plane has no collision. I am placing rocks on the beach. I am unable to place rocks if I drag them onto the water plane. They appear elsewhere.

I can’t understand the issue with dragging meshes onto no collision objects, however I’d then at the very least expect to get the mesh to show up on whatever solid object is beneath the no collision mesh. In my case that would to show up on the sand beach under the water plane, not elsewhere.

Hi Sjoerd, not sure if this help, but if you change the actor snap to false it will help with mesh placement eg it won’t snap the the other mesh pivot

It is already false, the editor just can’t handle placement on or near no collision meshes it seems.

Hi Sjoerd,

This is a known issue in Rocket that is already resolved in our internal builds. You can look forward to a fix in an upcoming Rocket release.