[BUG] Physx warnings spam on dynamic mesh collision


a friend got problem with dynamic mesh, when collision enabled, Physx makes heavy warning spam, so heavy that UE4 makes a log file of 20 mb less then in minute, messages nearly same

[2015.08.04-00.24.13:448] 1]LogPhysics:Warning: PHYSX: …\PhysXExtensions\src\ExtRigidBodyExt.cpp (217) 4 : computeMassAndInertia: Dynamic actor with illegal collision shapes
[2015.08.04-00.24.13:448] 1]LogPhysics:Warning: PHYSX: …\PhysXExtensions\src\ExtRigidBodyExt.cpp (266) 4 : PxRigidBodyExt::updateMassAndInertia: Mass and inertia computation failed, setting mass to 1 and inertia to (1,1,1)
[2015.08.04-00.24.13:448] 1]LogPhysics:Error: Attempt to build physics data for /Game/Basic/Levels/World1.World1:PersistentLevel.BaseChunk_C_2.ProceduralMesh.BodySetup_5 when we are unable to. This platform requires cooked packages.

this is simple raw template project showing warning spam with simple blueprint open it, run, come close to panel on left, stop game, open output log and see these message, at first you may say there are only few of them, and if you think so, try imagine what happen when there’re 10k dynamic meshes for game using world generation, your HDD gonna slow down whole OS with insane warning spam, but i don’t sure problem really in spam, maybe here’s something wrong with his demo setup or Physx->UE4 integration, anyway help in advance

I get those errors when I have complex collision meshes that are dynamic, as PhysX doesn’t really like that. All dynamic objects should be using simple collision ie. Boxes, Spheres, Convex shapes, etc.