Bug: PhysicsConstraint not firing OnConstraintBroken event

  1. Create a blueprint, add 2 static meshes with physics enabled
  2. Add PhysicsConstraint
  3. Set “Component Name 1” to first static mesh, and “Component Name 2” to second static mesh
  4. Set “Linear Breakable” to true, and Linear “Break Threshold” to 1
  5. Right click PhysicsConstraint>Add Event>OnConstraintBroken
  6. Wire this to print a string “Broken!”
  7. Place blueprint in the world
  8. Play
    -Joint breaks, but “Broken!” is never printed because event is never firing on break

OnConstraintBroken should fire when the joint breaks

Hello ShortStuf7,

Thank you for your report. I was able to recreate your issue with your repro steps and I’ve created a bug report about the issue. I expect it to be resolved in a future update.

Thanks again,


Awesome, thanks! I look forward to it!


This issue has been fixed and will be in the 4.3 release.

this is still broken for me