[Bug] PC Crashes , since Beta 6

My PC has crashed 3 times when the Rocket Editor has been open since installing the latest build. No warning, just instant power off.

It didn’t used to do this.

It may not be Rocket, and is my video card overheating because it’s older, a GTX 480. But, it may be something in the latest build so I wanted to report it. Attached is my DxDiag info:
link text

Turned out I was storing a stack of papers on top of the pc, which is where the air vents are. Just happened the papers ended up there about the same time I upgraded to Beta 6. They were extremely hot. Since keeping the vents clear, no crash.

The only program that taxes my video card is Rocket, so it just appeared it was Rocket crashing it.

“No warning, just instant power off.”

That doesnt sound like something Rocket could do by itself, (without help from your hardware for sure),

and I"ve had absolutely no change in computer performance in beta6,


#I’d highly recommend you back up all your important content to an external drive

cause it sounds like some part of your current pc is dying

When something like this was happening to me I had a window of 1 hour to get all my important files for my life over to an external harddrive before my entire pc died.

#so I hope you back up your stuff