[Bug] Parent Socket of Collision Box stays same on multiple childs

Hey there,

yesterday i noticed that my Collision box is not working as intended with using the socket of the Skeleton they are child of.

I have a Base AI Class with a Box Collision for the Damage zone (weapon damage for example).

And i have 2 childs, both using different skeletal Meshs. If i now set the socket name the collision box should follow in the first child, it overwrites the socket name in the second one and over way round.

Not yet tested in a new project, but i guess these are the steps to recreate it:

  1. Create Base Class (Character Type).

  2. Have 2 Skeletal Meshs with different Bones and Socket Names (mine were the Troll and the mini spider from the Infinity Blade pack).

  3. Create a collision box as child of the Skeletal Mesh in the BaseClass.

  4. Create 2 Childs of that BaseClass.

  5. Put one of the 2 meshs in each of the childs.

  6. Try to set the socket name of the Collision box in each one and check back if one overwrites the other.

  7. Need to save/compile the first one after the second one got changed, so the collision box gets updated.

Hi eXi,

Thank you for the report. I was able to reproduce this and I’ve created JIRA UE-21551. Our developers will be investigating this further and we will post here with updates as we have them.



For 4.11 we have disabled editing of the Parent Socket for inherited components. This is an intermediate fix, in the long term we want to support overriding this data.

Thanks for the bug report!