Bug: Paper2D tiles being incorrectly layer

Paper2D tilemap editor seems to have a problem when 2 layers are applied on top of each other, causing the top layer to apply incorrectly and use tiles from the previous layer. See video:
Steps done:

  • Imported tileset image, applied Paper 2D texture preset
  • Created tileset
  • Created tilemap, create ground layer
  • Select wood, place on it’s own layer


  • Wood tiles should be placed correctly on top of stone texture


  • Grass tiles are reused on top of the layer, but working correctly with only the wood layer on

Was using this tutorial:
Assets that I used are in the description

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Not sure if this is related, but there’s something weird going on with 4.22’s tilemaps. I copied a Paper2D project from 4.19 to 4.22 to see how it worked, and one of my tilemaps ended up doing some odd stuff (some tiles showed only part of their original tile, others showed a 4x4 grid of tiles in the place of one).

Although I was using two tilesets on one layer rather than multiple layers. Unfortunately I ended up deleting the project copy before thinking to save some screenshots, because I don’t think Epic does much active development on Paper2D anymore (which is a shame, it’s a neat feature).

Did you submit a bug report through their bug submission form thing?

Im getting this bug too. Has there been any fix yet? I made a youtube video for my issue as well and its very similar to this.