[Bug]Paper 2D Tile Map Component's Tile Map Asset Property won't save

Paper 2D Tile Map Component’s Tile Map Asset Property won’t save with Map Level when Paper 2D Tile Map Component in a Blueprint Actor Class or C++ Actor Class other than PaperTileMapActor. When I close the UE4 Editor, and reopen the level that just saved, the tile map asset property becoms non-exist asset. The tile map is gone and becoms black.

I found that PaperTileMapActor has a function

RenderComponent is UPaperTileMapComponent.

Is it design decision or a defect that has not been fixed yet?
It is almost impossible to use PaperTileMapComponent in a Blueprint Actor Class since the Tile Map Asset Property will not save in a Map Level.
In C++ Actor class, it is not big problem. Simply add function GetReferencedContentObjects like APaperTileMapActor class will fixes the saving problem.

It is found in Unreal Engine 4.8 release version.

Still an issue in 4.15


Do you guys have an AnswerHub or UDN thread on this? I haven’t seen a bug about this come thru, and GetReferencedContentObjects doesn’t do what you think it does. It’s just used to implement Ctrl+B and similar functions that let you browse from a placed actor to the asset in the content browser; it has no impact on whether something is saved or not. For Blueprint actor instances, we always make Ctrl+B go to the Blueprint asset anyways.

Michael Noland