Bug? OSC (Open Sound Control Plugin) not working in 4.26 (works in 4.25)

I’m currently implementing an exhibit and try to connect UE to a Displax Touch / Object Recognition Glass (to test it without the hardware there is TUIO Simulator - Displax Support )
Displax uses TUIO to send signals. TUIO is based on OSC ( )
Therefore I’m using the OSC Plugin created by EPIC to parse the signals.

An Actor in the level that creates and OSC Server on Begin Play. The two available events (Message received and Bundle received) are bound after the Server Node.
I connected a simple print to each node to check if any signal arrives.

In 4.26 the “Bundle received”-Event fires, though there’s nothing in the Bundle received. Upon inspecting the Log you can see the following message there:

As there is no way to still access the message, nor to customise what the Displax Hardware sends I’m at a loss on what to do here.

Interestingly enough, after some research I found out that people using Touch Designer are facing the same problem since 4.26…
In 4.25 everything works for them.

So I set up the same thing in 4.25 and am receiving the signals just fine. No warning nothing and I can access any value from the bundle.

Does anyone have a workaround or an idea why this is happening in 4.26? And ideally how to fix the issue?
I would want to avoid, downgrading my project at this stage in the project and am unforunately not savy in C++ to check the source code for it myself.

Any help would be greatly appreactiated.


Right. I am getting the same

LogOSC: Warning: Failed to parse OSCBundle of invalid format. #bundle identifier not first item in packet.

I want to connect Reaper with Unreal Engine with OSC
What is the problem even? What this means? Did you find a solution?

No, no native solution yet. I am currently trying a plugin, which I would like to avoid if there is a native solution.
Also it seems like the bug hasn’t been accepted yet in Epics Issue tracker

@colorofblack any luck? Are you using mrgustav’s plugin?

Same here 4.26.1
OnMsgReceived_AddressPattern node not working, Any fix yet ?

Hey, as I’ve checked the git repository I’ve seen that there was a fix for an OSC bug. As it seems this solved my OSC issue. At least bundles seem to come through now :+1: