Bug or is it normal? Using SetRelativeLocation

I don’t know if it is normal, but when i use SetRelativeLocation in Blueprints with a timeline, then i get a strange result.

I’ve made a simple trap with two walls. If you go into the trigger, the two walls are moving to the middle and you die. In my blueprint i have a Scene component and the two walls. Over the timeline i drive the Alpha for the Location to lerp from the starting Location to the end Location.

Als works as expected with one Problem: the two walls are moving to fast. I set the time for the Alpha to 2.5 seconds. But the new locationo is reached after a half second. Only if i set the time to over 10 seconds then it moving slower.

Is this behaviour normal like? Or is it a bug? It doesn’t matter if i use WorldLocation or RelativeLocation. Oh…one Point: For the end Location it is only too fast if i use the start Location minus the way wich it should move. If i plug in the start Location into the lerp and type into the second Input the way, then it works fine. But with another Problem. If the wall should move 180 Units (?) along the x axis, then i have to type a value of 0.12. If i type 180, then the wall move more then 1000 or more.

Your start and end location is static value, or you get it as GetRelativeLocation and some math actions during timeline?

I get the current Location and try to lerp that. With doors in f.e. Version 4.10 all works fine. Maybe i missed something? Or i think in the wrong way?

In your version, the incoming values for lerp change each tick of the timeline.Try this:

I will try this. I forgot: I have to set the Location at the constructor. I fell dump now. But i think this work.