Bug or am I missing something? Different size in World/BP

Hi, I was placing my some walls/doorways for my survival game in an actor blueprint when I noticed something odd. While both objects have the exact same size, if I rotate one object by 90 degrees it looks bigger than the other one. After scratching my head for a couple of minutes, I decided to try the same meshes in the normal world, and it fit perfectly. Could this be a bug or am I doing something wrong? Here’s a few pictures:


Are those meshes snapped to grid? And pivot is centered? Unreal picks [0,0,0] as central pivot when exporting/importing. That may be result of pivot being off a bit.

Thanks for the respond. The pivot was centered, but after searching and searching I found I made a dumb mistake, I scaled the X of the scene instead of the mesh at some point, and that caused this problem.