[BUG] Odd character shadow cast


I just noticed that the character casts a very strange offset shadow in new levels.


Its not happening in the default level.
Is this a bug, or did I miss some settings?

To reproduce:

  • Create a new “default” level


In 4.8 P4 this does not happen by default.

Looks like your first person mesh is set to cast shadows, that’s all :stuck_out_tongue:

Mmmm, Its 4.8p4. and it happened by default :confused:

Oh, and a correction: It also happens in the template maps…

When I look into the BP settings, indeed, cast shadow is ticked:

I tried it with a projects that was created with 4.8p1-3, as well as with a new p4 project.
Same result.

Are you sure its not an oopsie! in the template?

Hey guys,

Thanks for the report for that shadow. I talked to the template makers and it looks like it was just a slight oversight, so they’ll fix it up asap.

Thanks again!

Hmm weird… I tested a fresh project in 4.8 p4 and the Mesh1P in FirstPersonCharacter BP under Lighting category has Cast Shadow off by default (like it should be).


I found the problem… if you create an empty project and then you add a FirstPerson content pack to it (via Add New-> Add Feature or Content Pack…) then the cast shadow is fixed… but seems there are other stuff missing.
If I create a new FirstPerson project then indeed it casts shadows.

I guess the templates needs a bit synchronization and cleanup :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not a problem, you need to add a body mesh.
I personally think simply trurning off the shadow of the arms isn’t a solution. I prefer adding a body mesh for more realistic shadow.