[Bug] Not all default sections showing

My project is from the launcher, originally a Blueprint project which I have added some C++ classes.

If I run the Editor from Visual Studio, my class, a AI controller has the section and variable in it. But, If I run the Editor from the Launcher, the same BP extending that C++ controller class does not have the section or variable. This is the variable.

    UPROPERTY(EditDefaultsOnly, Category = JumpAnims)
    UAnimMontage* Jump1;

Hey -

What version of the engine are you running? Does this only happen if the parent class is something other than AIController?


I will check to see if it is doing the same in other classes.

I put the variable in a C++ AnimINstance. It works fine if I run the Editor from Visual Studio. If I open the Editor from the Launcher, double clicking the BP extending off that AnimInstance won’t open, it says it’s corrupt. But, If I close the Editor, then run it from Visual Studio I can open up the same BP with no problem.

Just to confirm, you create a class based on AnimInstance and add only the two lines listed in your original post then compile the project and reopen the editor. Then create an animation blueprint, is that correct? Please let me know if my steps are wrong and what I need to do to follow your setup.

Also, what solution configuration solution platform are you building your project on from Visual Studios?

So far it has been class based on AIController. I add variable in C++ as above. If I build and run from the Editor BP’s based off those classes show the variable. I set and save it. Then, if I close and run the Editor from the Launcher the variables are not in those saved BP’s. If I then close and run from Visual Studio and open the BP’s from the Editor the variable is present and set correctly.

With the BP based on the AnimInstance I was unable to open the BP if just run from the launcher with a corrupted BP message. Closing, then running the Editor from Visual Studio then that same BP would open with no problem.

I believe its the Debug Editor which I have been running.

The answer to this is. Build to Development Editor. Then the variables are present. What is strange is that it was only partially not working, I think I had at one time built for all the configurations, and so the development binaries had the class, but did not have the updated version with the BP exposed variables yet.