Bug? No notifications on comments at answerhub

Hello lovely community and staff,

the title is self-explanatory: I do not get any notifications when someone comments/replies on my comments that I make below answers. If this a bug? If not, can we get such a feature?

Its a pain in the ■■■ to follow comments manually :confused: It is also difficult to even catch someones attention through comments. Currently, I always upvote something of the person in question in order to catch his attention, but that does not solve the problem entirely, since people still do not know that a comment was left.

Hello rYuxq,

Could you check your notification settings? You can do so by clicking your name at the top of the page beside “UE4 ANSWERHUB” and selecting “Settings”. There should be multiple options for when you should be notified, which questions you auto-subscribe to, etc. Also, be sure to check your spam folders as it’s possible that your email provider is marking the notification emails as such.

Hi ! Thanks for your reply. I checked my settings and everything is fine. Autosubscribe when I comment on a question is checked as well. Also, I do get notifications sent by email when someone leaves comments on my Questions (e.g. I got one for yours above) but I do not get notifications if someone replies to my comment, which is a reply to someone elses comment on another someones answer, as in e.g. this case: Cannot call a function from another class! No errors UE4 just closes itself - C++ - Epic Developer Community Forums (I recommend using Ctrl+F to look for my name).

Also, the autosubscribe in the settings sounds like it would apply only when I answer, comment or ask the question post itself. This would mean: If I do not comment on the question post, but on someones answer to the question, autosubscribe does not trigger? I am not sure how these autosubscribes are supposed to work, but intuitively I would think that I get a notification whenever someone commented on the same answer (no matter whose answer it is) as I did. Or at least if someones comment is a reply to my comment.

Thank you for that information. I’ve placed a bug in for the issue. We’ll need to work on reproducing it, as we usually wouldn’t have these problems due the systems we can use with staff account. I’ll get back to you if we’re able to find anything out.

is it fixed ? i also find this a problem