[BUG] Naming String "Display Name" breaks Blueprint Node

Naming a string input on an Event “Display Name” breaks nodes.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new Event in a Blueprint
  2. Name it whatever you want
  3. Add a String input, set the name to Display Name
  4. Call that function from another Blueprint.

What happens: If not default value is set for “Display Name”, no node name will be shown and the incorrect value will appear in the node browser. If you have a default value for the string, this will adjust the name of the node, causing confusion and headaches.

Expected behavior: Node is named what you have named the Event (and not the variable’s content).


Thank you for the report, Interesting bug!

I have been able to reproduce this behavior and will give you a link to the bug tracker once I have entered it.

I believe your repro steps are incorrect - I was only able to reproduce this when naming the variable “DisplayName” (no space) - as a workaround you could try naming the variable “Display Name” (with a space) - You will still see CamelCase strings with a space elsewhere in the engine though.