[BUG] Multiple DefaultSceneRoot components

Build info

  • Version: 1945001
  • Install Path: C:/Program Files/Rocket


  • OS: Windows 7
  • RAM: 64 GB
  • Graphics Card: GTX 760 w/ 4 GB
  • UAC: Off

Repro Steps

  • Download and install the ShootGame example.

  • Create new Blueprint called NewBlueprint.

  • Create a blueprint based on NewBluprint called NewBluprint_Child

  • Create a blueprint based on NewBluprint_Child called NewBluprint_Child_Child

  • Create a blueprint based on NewBluprint_Child_Child called NewBluprint_Child_Child_Child

  • Add a skeletal mesh component to NewBluprint_Child_Child_Child.

  • Add NewBluprint_Child_Child_Child to blank level.


  • Components tab lists multiple DefaultSceneRoot components that you cannot edit or remove.

  • Multiple DefaultSceneRoot components show up as variables.

  • Actors based on blueprint revert to origin (0,0,0) on placement in level.

  • Placed actors cannot be moved.

  • On creation or adjustment, log is spammed with messages similar to:

    [2014.01.21-03.07.22:181][286]PIE:Warning: Warning AttachTo: ‘/Temp/Untitled_2.TheWorld:PersistentLevel.NewBlueprint_Child_Child_Child_41.DefaultSceneRoot’ cannot be attached to itself. Aborting.

  • And more for sure…


  • Only a single DefaultSceneComponent is ever created.
  • This lone DefaultSceneComponent is replaced upon adding a component via Components tab or via code.


Placing actor based on NewBlueprint_Child_Child_Child.

BEFORE MOUSE RELEASE - Actor is where I want it:

AFTER MOUSE RELEASE - Actor is at origin (0,0,0):

this is some stellar debugging on your part and reporting!

nice work!



It is in my interests to help get bugs fixed, is it not? :stuck_out_tongue:

Less bugs means better tools.


I can confirm that we’ve also seen the same bug with very similar repro steps.

Issue has been resolved internally and should be fixed in the next release.

See [Question] Multiple DefaultSceneRoot components?