BUG: Moving Material Billboard make it invisible in next frame only

I want to inform about Rendering BUG in UE 5.0.2

Material Billboard Component.
Work well when Component is not moving.
But when move “Material Billboard Component” then on next frame it become invisible !!

So if I move “Material Billboard Component” in tick - my Billboard is visible ONLY in first frame !!

You can see how it work:

  1. Create Empty Actor
  2. Add Material Billboard Component to this Actor
  3. Put Actor on the scene
  4. Play and see if billboard is visible well
  5. In Actor’s Tick add Timeline (or count manually) position of Billboard Component
  6. Use “Set Relative Location” in Timeline->Update
  7. Play and see billboard is visible ONLY in first frame after play
  8. In Actor’s Tick in Timeline->Update add FlipFlop befor “Set Releative Location”
  9. Play and see billboard is flickering


  2. Move first billboard in one frame
  3. Move second billboard in another frame
  4. Reapeat

It’s dirty hack :frowning:

Please EPIC solve this BUG in next release :slight_smile: