[ BUG ] Move to on DetourCrowdAIControl crashes UE

AI Move to applied to applied to any pawn with DetourCrowdAIControl crashes UE.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create new blueprint derived from pawn
  2. Add Floating pawn movement
  3. Select DetourCrowdAIControl as AI Controller Class.
  4. On begin play (or anywhere) call AI Move to.
  5. Place blueprint in world on some floor
  6. Add NavMeshBounds
  7. Press play

If you were not able to reproduce it leave a comment and I’ll give you my project, 'cause you might be able to understand a reason of a crash better than me.


I reproduced the crash and have entered a bug report that you can track using the link below:

Thank you for your report.

Have a great day