[Bug?] Mobile Events Dispatcher doesn't execute

Branch: Binary from Launcher.

Build version: 4.6.1-2386410

Detailed description of the issue: I’ve found some inconsistencies when working with events dispatchers but only in mobile (preview or my device a Sony Xperia), in PIE there’s no issues. The problem occurs when calling an event dispatcher that belongs to the GameMode from itself, previously binded from the PlayerController. The latter does not execute. I’ve not tested with any other setup.

Repro Steps:

1- New Blank Project (No starter content needed)

2- Configure the project for Android (Project Settings → Android → Configure Now)

3- Create a new GameMode and PlayerController. Set your PlayerController as default in your GameMode. And the GameMode in the World Settings.

4- Add an event dispatcher to the GameMode

5- In the BeginPlay of the GameMode, do a delay and call this event.

6- In the PlayerController’s BeginPlay get the GameMode, cast it to your GameMode class and bind the event you’ve created to a custom event in the PlayerController.

7- In the PlayerController’s custom event just print a string.

8- Hit play on the current window: Everything works as expected.

9- Hit Play on MobilePreview, the PlayerControler’s custom event should not be executed.

Attachments: Project reproducing the bug

Thank you very much.

Howdy Ichproducciones,

Thank you for reporting this issue. There was an issue with events on mobile in the 4.6.1 version of UE4. I have tested this issue on the 4.7 preview 5 and on our latest internal build and the issue is no longer occurring. I am unsure as to when 4.7 will be fully released but the issue should no longer be occurring when that build is released.

Please let me know if you any additional questions.

Thanks and have a great day!

Great news Sean! I guess I’m gonna give 4.7 a try :slight_smile:
Thank you!