[BUG] Menus are invisible


I don’t really know where to put this thread so I put it here.

I use 2 unreal versions, one is 4.17.2 and the other is an older version, can’t really find the number anywhere, but anyway it’s from somewhere in 2016, it’s an old project of mine that has some stuff I want to migrate basically.

Now the problem is that in this older version of Unreal right clicking on items doesn’t show me any menus, also when i click on the above buttons like file and stuff no menu appears either. However I can still see all menus perfectly fine in the newer version of Unreal.

I really need those materials and functions from my old project but I can’t migrate them because I can’t see the menu, this is really frustrating, can someone please help?

EDIT: I found the version of the old project its 4.12.3

EDIT 2: I followed the advice of someone who said I should use windows high contrast mode and yes now it works I can see the menus. But how can I fix it so I dont need to use high contrast mode?