[BUG] Maximize game window is in wrong location

When my friend maximizes the game window on there desktop, it looks like this.


Shes using Windows 7, 1920x1080 on a large TV, the taskbar if shown or hidden seems to effect its position as well, if you need further information let me know.

Yeah I also have this bug…

Hi John, whats your setup out of curiosity, are you also using a TV as your monitor ?

No, I am using a regular PC monitor. I think this bug happens anywhere (on Windows), no matter what monitor. I am using Windows 7.

Would you mind creating a new AnswerHub post for this issue so we can track and assist you in a more efficient manner?

Thank you,

Andrew Hurley

Is there a AnswerHub post related to this issue? If not, I have some easy steps to reproduce this issue, as I have this problem myself:

  1. Start game in windowed mode
  2. Maximize window by clicking the square icon in the windows-titlebar
  3. The game window has to lose focus while maximized (e.g. click another window on another screen, switch window via taskbar or alt-tab)
  4. As soon as the game window regains focus it will resize back to windowed mode, but still “think” it is maximized, as you can see the “double-square” icon for restoring the window in the title-bar is still there
  5. Clicking the restore-icon (“double-square”) in the windows-titlebar will not do anything, other than change the icon to the normal maximize-icon
  6. Maximizing the window now will cause it to be maximized, but with an offset, causing part of the window to be outside of the monitor

This issue only appears, when the game window loses and regains focus while it is maximized, if you restore the window prior to switching focus, nothing bad happens. Once the offset-bug occurs, it is impossible (at least as far as I can tell) to fix it without restarting the game.

Hope you can address/fix this issue soon, as I think this is quite a major hit to user-experience when offering a windowed-mode.

Thanks in advance,

PS: If you’d like me to post this on answerhub instead, I’ll be glad to open a bug report there.

Please do! The Answerhub provides Epic’s support staff with a better process for assigning and tracking the status, so bug reports don’t get lost. Click the link in my signature to get started.

Thanks for the help!

Hi there,

Could you please provide the link from the Answerhub if you’ve got to posting it there.