[Bug] Matinee not updating properly in the level script

Build 1578757 - K:/TURE/Rocket_CL1578757

Specs Windows 7 Professional English, i7-3770K, 32GB RAM, GTX670 4GB driver 306.23 , UAC off

Description The Matinee call functions are not properly updating in level script.

Repro Steps New matinee actor, add Matinee Play or Reverse to level script, disconnect and reconnect the target, as well as try duplicating the target + matinee play.

Results See image. The feedback given by the Matinee Reverse is very inconsistent.

Expected Correctly display its status.

We recently fixed the bug that produces the odd B/C nodes that lack the target class in the title. Thanks for reporting it!


We’re not able to reproduce this. How did you add B, D, and C to the graph?