bug life in multiplayer

I tried to make a multiplayer with a tutorial.
Everything is working.
But when I’m online, the life of the player who joins the game goes below 0 and can still shoot.
The hosting player has no problem.

Here is the game tests if you want to try. key “P” for show the menu

Do you have an idea ?

I can provide you the project if needed.

Sorry for my bad english.

thx !

I can’t look at the project files but is the player supposed to die when they reach 0? If so, Is that event running on the server?

No, when life comes to 0, the player can not fire for 10 seconds and then life goes back to 100.

I do not know or look at the server, I am a beginner, how to do?

edit :
I did not do anything, but now it works.
but life goes to -10 and I still don’t understand.

What does the logic for your Take Damage Event look like?

If it’s just subtracting, I would say put a clamp on the health integer so it can’t go below 0.

Post your BP, then I will look